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"Serious music has a time-tested and unique role as mankind’s most seasoned statesman, raising up everyone it touches. The most developed, sophisticated, and uniquely human of tasks, its Song airs above the ancients weeping over stone tablets, evolving a crafted dialogue between mind, soul, and the infinite. The New Era 21st century recording on this disc is of a Russian Piano masterwork, composed by a 19th century man who glimpsed the future of 20th century Jazz, Swing, and Rock music, and performed by a 21st century man who taps the composer’s consciousness to paint a picture of his soul.


In this new 21st century recording, Andrei Gavrilov taps directly and philosophically into the consciousness of the Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky, and transmits the composer’s thoughtful physiognomy through his own consciousness into ears of the modern world."

                                                                                     Todd A Harris

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"UCM Records - These recordings of masterpieces are masterworks themselves. The clarity, musicality, soulfulness and the artistry behind the material is unmatched. Each CD is representative of Andrei’s bold 21st century approach to each composer as a unique figure in musical history. His performances showcase his full commitment to that master’s physiognomy - mind, body and sprit, framed in the context of history and the evolution of humanity."

                                                                                     Todd A Harris

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