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AG UCM is an independent high class quality professional audio recording company run  by UCM community. Every year, and now every month, new members enter  the community, supporting the company's financial costs for the production of audio discs of the highest quality. The recordings are made  in the Czech radio studio number one in Prague.


The best producers and engineers in the Czech recording industry work on the recordings. The creation of new breakthrough records in the musical-philosophical, performing and technical terms is a very expensive process. After the release of the first two albums by the independent company AG UCM in 2021 and 2022, which received worldwide recognition, people from various countries began to actively support the company financially.


This page is open to those who are already familiar with the latest production  of a non-reciprocal label and have a desire to support the company to create more new records in the very near future. You will find here, dear friends supporting the independent record company AG UCM, a large number of ways to transfer your donations to the company's accounts.


Andrei Gavrilov and all members of the UCM community express their deep gratitude for your participation and financial support.


Donations links:

The first two albums produced by AG UCM independent label sponsored by community and individual supporters. The new brand of breakthrough "conscious music" recording called "Music as Living Consciousness". It reflects new Andrei Gavrilov music philosophy when music voiced as a living consciousness of the composer. Real live music transmitting the very essence of eternally living in music souls of humans-composers. 

                           2021                                                       2022

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